Building Your Career: Getting A PMP Certification To Boost Your Employability


The PMP, or project management professional certification, is an objective indicator of one’s abilities and experience in project management. It is widely regarded and provides people who obtain it with improved employment possibilities, credibility, and increased income. 

A PMP holder can find employment in almost any field or setting. Although obtaining it requires a few steps, it may be a very effective tool. Here are some explanations for how the certificate program can successfully advance your career. Keep on reading if you want to find out what it takes in becoming PMP certified and how it will benefit you!

The Benefits of a PMP Certification for Your Career 

1. It makes your abilities seem more credible. 

Your PMP certification qualifies you to work as a specialist in this field. This serves as confirmed evidence of your qualifications when you seek jobs. Hiring supervisors and future coworkers will think highly of you because of the improved presentation of your CV. 

2. It might enhance your marketability for employment. 

Employers will require 87.7 million individuals by 2027 to fill project management-related tasks. Unfortunately, the industry is lacking in talent. The best course of action for you to boost your work options is to earn a PMP degree. You’ll stand out from the competition and be hired much faster.

3. It can enable your corporate progress. 

You might discover new professional skills and have a greater understanding of learning and development through the PMP certificate program. These provide the greatest framework for you to continue developing and climbing the corporate ladder. 

4. It makes it possible for you to keep up with industry trends. 

The Project Management Institute (PMI) stays up to date with developments in the quickly changing industry. You will become aware of the most recent developments in project management because the course content is frequently revised in reaction to market conditions.

5. It aids in building strong connections. 

There are now 791,448 people who possess PMP certification. When you join the PMI club, you have the chance to meet several fresh individuals whose acquaintances will be very beneficial to you in the future. These other PMs can assist you if you need recommendations or assistance in locating a position you might enjoy. 

6. It makes it possible for you to find out about new job openings. 

Meetings for PMI members all over the world are frequently organized. If you hold a PMP certification, you can attend these meetings where you can easily learn about all important job vacancies from other PMI members. 

7. It promotes skill growth. 

Applicants must undergo teaching, a sizable amount of necessary reading, and courses in order to pass an exam and receive the PMP certification. This means that in order to be ready to tackle any section of the exam, one will have to spend a significant amount of time reading books, doing research, and working out.

8. It assists you in rising to the challenge.

You learn a number of skills in the course that can help you perform better at work and win over your boss. You will be able to demonstrate to your future boss that you can adjust to any obstacles offered to you, regardless of the type of project management position you apply for. 

9. It makes you more marketable. 

A PMP certification is recognized and accredited internationally by the entire business community. One of its greatest benefits is its ability to make you more marketable and validate your project management skills. You will indeed be prepared to look for work wherever there are openings for project management positions as a result.

10. It enables you to receive a better paycheck. 

Project managers equipped with a PMP certification usually earn more money than those who do not have one. According to PMI’s Salary Survey, people with PMP credentials make 23% more money than those who don’t. This is because you become a more competitive potential employee owing to the information you pick up from this certificate. 

11. It enables you to contribute value to whatever company you work for. 

Any firm can greatly benefit from and profit from having certified project managers. They are an important addition to any and all companies they work for because they are enabled to control issues and problems more quickly, better arrange their teams and obtain the wanted results with less time and resources.

How to Be Eligible to Take the PMP Exam 

Project managers with the necessary qualifications and experience should submit an application for said PMP certification. They should first and foremost be capable of handling all areas of a project they are overseeing while still doing a good job at performing their jobs under the watchful eyes of upper management. 

A skilled project manager should be able to give instructions to their team so that tasks are completed within established time frames. The schedule, funding, and resources that are available are usually included, in addition to any limitations that the leaders might well have set. With these qualities, project managers also need to be knowledgeable enough to implement a technique to their projects, and consequently, to their teams. Their diligence and expertise in this field will enable them to follow specific initiatives that have clearly defined inputs and outcomes.

Although the Project Management Institute has adhered to a stringent process for obtaining the PMP certification since 1969, these eligibility requirements may help you assess whether your skills will allow you to do so.

How to Get Your PMP Certification and Keep It 

Earning your PMP certification will not be easy. It will involve plenty of effort and studying, and while you are at it, why not take the time to organize your working history in an arrangement that will be easily comprehensible, and observe for any gaps in your skillset that you should account for? The good news is you are going to receive enough relevant reading material to succeed and develop professionally. 

You have four hours to complete 200 questions that are multiple choice.  You must obtain 60 professional development units (PDUs) after every three years after passing the exam the first time in order to keep your certification.


In any event, making this investment by getting a PMP certification is quite wise because it can lead to a more satisfying job, higher compensation, and a more successful career overall. 

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