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Our Top Five Headphone Picks For True Audiophiles

V-MODA Crossfade LP Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone

Earlier tonight we posted one of our all time favorite picks for headphones for the true audiophile. In keeping with the same vein, we wanted to throw out a few more options for those looking for comparable products. Five Headphone Choices For Audiophiles 1. Sennheiser HD598 Price: [amazon link=”B0042A8CW2″ title=”$244.95″]Frequency response: 12-38,500HzSound pressure level (SPL): 112dBImpedance: 50 ohms 2. V-MODA Crossfade ...

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Gramophone iPhone Amplifier Case Also Functions as a Stand

Batteries are not included because they are not needed. The Bone Horn Stand is an unpowered phonograph-inspired iPhone case and stand which amplifies your device’s sound up to 12 decibels, simply by channeling the audio through the horn. The silicon-based amp slips over your iPhone like any other case, but gives it an audio boost and a dash of old-timey ...

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Much Ado About Nothing: Google Music to Be a Music Search Engine

So, yeah, that big music service we were talking about earlier that Google was supposed to be launching? Turns out the truth of the the matter is slightly more anticlimactic than we had hoped. As it turns out, the Google Music service is actually going to be the One Box search engine, a search engine that will blend results from ...

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Coming Soon: New Google Music Service

While Spotify has taken the rest of the free world by storm, the U.S. remains without a solution for legally downloading or streaming music. According to several sources, Google is planning on launching a U.S.-bound music service, which might or might not be called Google Audio and might or might not be for downloading or streaming tunes or possibly both. ...

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Headphone Jack Plug Necklace

True audiophiles love everything about the art of music and the process of listening to it. They love to advertise their insane sound prowess, rather it be with snobby and ultra complex non sequiturs or t-shirts advertising their love for sound. These Jack Plug Necklaces, available in 24-karat gold plating, would surely transmit some awesome audio, if they were made ...

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Feature: Video MIDI Mixer Using Pure Data

About six months ago, I was reading up on music creation and the program Max/MSP, a graphical workflow environment for creating and manipulating audio and video. Very complex, but powerful stuff. The author of Max/MSP, Miller S. Puckette, later created a piece of similar, open-source software called Pure Data (pd). Pure Data is similar to Max/MSP except that it’s free ...

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Processing Sound and Audio With The Arduino

It’s no news that we’re Arduino nuts here at Gearfuse, but lately, we haven’t seen anything that has really pushed the boundaries of the popular microcontroller. Now some smarty pants named Martin has come along with a schematic that allows real-time audio processing with the Arduino. This means you can create guitar FX pedals, equalizers and a whole lot of ...

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Miccus BluBridge for iPod

OK, so take two parts awesome, one part iPod, add in a little bit of Bluetooth wireless connectivity and shake hard, very hard. The end result? The Miccus BluBridge for iPod. Just plug a small connector into your iPod and boom; you’re a streaming master, broadcasting tunes to any BluBridge audio setup. Did I mention the 330 foot range? That ...

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Farewell VHS, We Hardly Knew Ye

It seems like only yesterday I was paying $20 dollars for every hot movie that hit store shelves in VHS format. Today, I can go into a store and buy three tapes for just a dollar. Whoever said that a dollar can’t buy you anything was full of shit. Ever since the creation of DVD, VHS has been on a ...

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