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Technology Continues to Make TV Better

smart television

The remote control may soon be obsolete if the latest technology for TV has anything to say about it. The days of browsing through hundreds of channels or flipping through the weekly TV Guide are long gone for those who embrace technology. Here are just a few ways that DirecTV and other apps are working to make watching TV even easier.

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Vizio TVs To Come With Web Apps

Normally, when you think of Vizio, you think of decent plasma and LCD television sets that cost about half the price of a Sony BRAVIA. Now there’s even more incentive to run out and buy a Vizio: web apps. The company announced that it’ll be bringing Facebook, Twitter and plenty of others to its new line of Vizio XVT HDTVs. ...

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The Wrong Case: Energy Consumption and Television

The LA Times is running a piece about how flat-screen televisions aren’t energy efficient and how California is going to impose rules on energy consumption and all that other hippie shit. I call bullshit. Know why? Because less than 5 years ago, no one had a flat-screen HDTV except the extremely wealthy. Everyone had those old, shitty, big ass CRT ...

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MEGASCREEN: The Name Makes Perfect Sense

You can go and envy Mr. Rich Man while watching his 70″+ plasma TV through the window of your local mansion. See how proud he seems of his accomplishment? All of these years of work, so he can enjoy a TV. Only if he knew that his measly 70 inches are dwarfed by the humongous MEGASCREEN! A TV so large ...

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How To give your HDTV the Philips Ambilight look for cheap

The Philips Ambilight for HDTVs is a look that every gadget hound would love to have in their living rooms. Though, most are not fortunate enough to have the money to spend on the Philips lighting system. Instructables gives this easy to do tutorial for setting up the Ambilight look, without putting a whole in your wallet. For under $40, ...

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Sharp HN-IR1 beams your pictures to HDTV in a flash

We’ve seen a number of overbox solutions for watching pictures on TV, we have products from giants like Sandisk and Iomega, the problem with these products is that they don’t support HD resolution, and you need to walk over and plug your memorycard in physically. Sharp seemed to have gotten it right this time with the HN-IR1 wireless photo adapter, ...

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New LG HDTVs play and record your video all by itself

LG has just announced 37 inch, 42 inch, and 47 inch LCD TVs, as well as 50 and 60 inch plasmas. What is so special about these large HDTVs? Each and every one has an integrated digital video recorder coupled with a 160GB hard drive. Take that TiVo. You also get dual tuners so that you can either record two ...

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IGN says PS3 is the best game console: *cocks head curiously*

IGN surprisingly announced the PS3 as the 2006 console of the year, beating out the Wii for the head spot. Many of you might be infuriated or elated depending on your opinions of each respected console, we all know everyone has their own opinion. So let’s see how IGN clarifies their situation. Nintendo’s Wii launched to massive mainstream applause and ...

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Westinghouse Quad HDTV gives you 2160p! but why?

So 720p qualifies as high def right? And 1080p goes even further to be called “full” high def, but what do you call a screen that boasts the fact that it is 2160p? Well, Westinghouse has a 2160p HDTV that was shown at CES, and they are calling it the Quad HDTV. This Quad HDTV is 52 inches and has ...

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