How To give your HDTV the Philips Ambilight look for cheap


The Philips Ambilight for HDTVs is a look that every gadget hound would love to have in their living rooms. Though, most are not fortunate enough to have the money to spend on the Philips lighting system. Instructables gives this easy to do tutorial for setting up the Ambilight look, without putting a whole in your wallet. For under $40, using 4 Ikea Trettioen light strips, the beautiful ambiance of a Philips can be yours, complete with an easy to reach light switch. If you’re like the rest of us, already saving up for the iPhone, this low cost method can be a god send. — Andrew Dobrow

Give your HDTV the Philips Ambilight effect on the cheap [Instructables]

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  1. Pretty cool tip buddy I am going do this tonight and see how it looks

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