The Wrong Case: Energy Consumption and Television

The LA Times is running a piece about how flat-screen televisions aren’t energy efficient and how California is going to impose rules on energy consumption and all that other hippie shit. I call bullshit. Know why? Because less than 5 years ago, no one had a flat-screen HDTV except the extremely wealthy. Everyone had those old, shitty, big ass CRT television sets. Using Google, I compared a 30-inch Samsung flat-screen display to a 32-inch Samsung CRT. Here’s what I found:

Samsung SyncMaster 305T – 30″ Display
Power Consumption Operational: 130 Watt

Samsung TXM3298HF – 32″ CRT
Power Consumption Operational: 190 Watt

Now don’t get me wrong, there is a 2-inch margin of error here and a bunch of other shit you could throw at me, but it’s a general fact that those old CRTs are way less efficient than newer, thinner television sets. Perhaps California should try going with the flow instead of fighting the tide.


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  1. I really think it is PGE that is making this push. Ever since they over paid for electricity from the Enron people they have been pushing conservation. For the most part its cool but how could anyone argue that a LCD uses more power then a CRT.

  2. the problem is that a CRT is less efficient per inch than an LCD… but people are buying much, much bigger LCDs than they would have had CRTs a decade ago. So the balance is about the same if not higher.

    EG my family has switched from a 21″ and a 14″ to a 42 and a 32. I would easily believe that our consumption has gone UP

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