Technology Continues to Make TV Better

The remote control may soon be obsolete if the latest technology for TV has anything to say about it. The days of browsing through hundreds of channels or flipping through the weekly TV Guide are long gone for those who embrace technology. Here are just a few ways that DirecTV and other apps are working to make watching TV even easier.

DirecTV Voice

The remote had made everything simpler by allowing people to change channels, volume, and play DVDs without moving from the couch. Now, DirecTV has made it so people do not even have to lift a finger with DirecTV Voice.

This convenient and fun to use program allows TV viewers to use their voice and their phones to browse through the listings on DirecTV. DirectTV voice users can make requests such as “Show me when the Wizards are playing this week”, and the weekly schedule will pop up. They can also make broader requests like, “What comedies are playing this weekend?” or “What Jim Carry movies will be on tonight?” and get complete results for them as well. The results come with various reviews and ratings which can make choosing even easier. As if that were not enough, users can then use their phones to record a show to watch later or bookmark a program. If they are at home, they can use the same app to scroll through on their live TV, using the phone as a trackpad.

Using this app does require that you are a DirecTV subscriber.  If you are new to the service take a look at SaveonTVDirect for some unique offers for first time users.  The app has received good reviews from those who have tried it. Most problems come from really mispronouncing names or other errors that make it too difficult for the app, or most live people, to know what the user is looking for.

Apps for TV Watching on iPhone and iPad

These apps have taken TV watching to a whole new level. TV watchers never need to worry about scheduling their evenings around a TV lineup, these apps let them watch their favorite episodes whenever they desire.


This app is great for those living in the UK looking to catch up on popular shows they may have missed. The free app offers live view of over 50 channels, which includes most Freeview channels and the major free channels in the UK.

BBC iPlayer

This app was a major part of the television on the go technology. The app allows viewers to watch shows from a list of those recently aired and even allows users to download the show directly to the device so they can watch it later on, even without an internet connection.


While the subscription service that so many access from their TVs, Wii, and a variety of other devices remains well known and popular, its app is excellent, too. For just a small monthly fee, users can stream their favorite shows whenever they want.

Sky Go

Depending on the subscription of the user, this app allows people to watch up to 32 channels, including the sports channels. Even better, users do not have to have previous Sky subscriptions, they can get a specialized Sky Go subscription just to power their device.

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