MEGASCREEN: The Name Makes Perfect Sense


You can go and envy Mr. Rich Man while watching his 70″+ plasma TV through the window of your local mansion. See how proud he seems of his accomplishment? All of these years of work, so he can enjoy a TV. Only if he knew that his measly 70 inches are dwarfed by the humongous MEGASCREEN! A TV so large it’s enormousness can only be explained in all-caps.

Big Moving Pictures Inc. is mounting their 40′ x 22′ HDTV LED displays on the only objects big enough to carry such a load: MACK trucks. Designed to provide video to audiences up to 100,000 strong, MEGASCREENS are the “biggest and most powerful LED-based display solution yet devised.” Yet, they’re still not large enough, dammit!

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