Westinghouse Quad HDTV gives you 2160p! but why?

westinghouse quad hdtv 2160p

So 720p qualifies as high def right? And 1080p goes even further to be called “full” high def, but what do you call a screen that boasts the fact that it is 2160p? Well, Westinghouse has a 2160p HDTV that was shown at CES, and they are calling it the Quad HDTV. This Quad HDTV is 52 inches and has ben announced to sell for about $50,000! Tough choise… HDTV…BMW…HDTV…BMW. Now be rational please, while we know that you all are the geeks that want to run out and get something like this because it sent shivers down your spine when you saw something bigger than 1080p, remember that there isn’t any content yet. The best that you can do right now is 1080p content. So if you happen to buy this HDTV, you will be stuck with an image the same as your friend who paid thousands less than you for their screen. So, is $50,000 worth 3840 x 2160 pixels to you? If so, go right ahead. Be our guests (and please let us know how it is!). — Nik Gomez

Westinghouse Quad HDTV With 2160p [Cybertheater, via Gadgetell]

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  1. The smallest 1080p screen in 2006 was 7″ I can hardly grasp what it is now. This means AT LEAST the smallest 2160p screen could be 14″, that’s rediculous to me, I can’t imagine what a movie like Avatar playing in true 2160p would look like on that type of screen. Obviously you come into issues with the power need to run that, plus that’s so small i think you need to start with like a 40″ screen 2160p, now a VIZIO 23″ 1080p RAZOR LED HDTV is like $200+, so now it’d only be logical to think a 2160p screen would be at least 4x more expensive, so $800+ now it’s new so of course they can raise the price plus it’ll probably have things like 240sps, Wi-Fi, netflix streaming, and etc.. so I can see a REALISTIC price for a new product like $4,000 even though that’s not worth all the money their asking, it’s realistic for a new technology like that. I think 300% profit is reasonable, that’s why i say $4000.

  2. No way!! get the Philips 56″ 3D QFHD TV for $25,000! Once again, Sony makes an inferior and overpriced gadget. And Nik Gomez, it’s true you can’t get 3940x2160p yet, but you can do a lot better than 1920×1080. Apple computers, and probably some PCs, can stream 2560×1600. Maybe you mean that 1920x1080p is the best possible for movies and television from bigbrand entertainment companies. But downloads and streaming to your computer are the way of the future; the days of TV and movie discs are numbered. So, if I had a ****load of $$$, a Philips 3D QFHD TV would be top on my list.

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