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About The Context Chat App


When it comes to new apps for chatting there seems to be a new one out every few months, but according to today's youth Context is the next big one to check out.

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Intellectsoft iPhone Mobile Development Services


When it comes to iPhone application development finding someone capable enough to complete your project without requesting your firstborn in return for their services can be tricky but it seems like Intellectsoft have reached a good balance.

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Create 3D Shared Photos With Seene For The iPhone


The Seene app for the iPhone allows users to create easy 3D photos that they can share bringing a whole new element to sharing photos. The Seene app creates parallax-based 3D photos with the help of the phone's accelerometer, guiding users through the process as they photograph multiple angles of a given subject.

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What You Need To Know About The Tomfoolery App


Founded by ex-Yahoo and AOL execs, the Tomfoolery app is designed to make more consumer friendly enterprise solutions. Today marks the release of the iOS7 friendly version of the Tomfoolery app, the launch of the Anchor conversation platform and its expansion in to Android territory.

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