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A Heat Sensor For Your iPhone?


Have you ever really wanted heat vision on your iPhone? Or maybe you've always wanted a pair of night vision goggles but didn't want to walk around looking like an idiot? Well now you can get heat vision for your iPhone with FLIR.

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Breakup Text, An App For The Heartless

Breakup Text

Here’s the thing…have you ever been dating someone and decided that you just couldn’t hack it anymore? Well so have a lot of people, and apparently that “lot of people” are also too disgusted with their current partner to make the effort to break up with them in person…that led to the development of the Breakup Text App.   The ...

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First Screenshot from Noby Noby Boy iPhone Edition Released

Back in March we reported that famed PSN game Noby Noby Boy would be making its way to the iPhone. And Namco Bandai hasn’t forgotten about us. The developer is apparently 60% done with the iPhone version, and to prove is, Namco has released a screenshot, giving us a peek at what we can expect. In all honesty, the released ...

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iPhone Gets First Porn App

::fap:: ::fap:: ::fap:: ::fap:: ::fap:: ::fap:: OH, SORRY! Didn’t see you there! There’s a brand new app out for your freshly hacked iPhone today. For $2, you can be the proud owner of “Hottest Girls.” As the name implies, it’s an app full of pictures of hot women. The developer notes that he added nude, topless pictures today, so if ...

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MLB Streaming Live Games To iPhone

With the iPhone 3.0 OS officially dropping today (though some of us have had ours for a week and have since hacked it for tethering!), MLB.com is pulling all punches with its new iPhone App, At Bat. While the app itself isn’t new, the 3.0 update will give owners the chance to stream live baseball games at no additional cost. ...

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iPhone 3.0 Tethering Hack

Oh man this is sweet. You see, this week, I got my hands on the GM copy of the iPhone 3.0 OS. I installed it, went “OK, cool”, went to revert and nearly bricked my iPhone. Somehow, two days later, it unbricked itself and went back to OS 3.0, which is what’s needed to rock this tethering hack. Here’s how ...

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Game Boy Camera Revived On The iPhone

Remember the Game Boy Camera? I do very vividly. You could buy an optional printer and print out all these wacky photos that looked like absolute shit. It also had some mini-games and a sequencer for making beats if I recall correctly. Now the camera that made everyone nauseous is making a comeback on the iPhone. Developer Epicore has released ...

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