MyTime App Allows You To Schedule Your Appointments

MyTime isn’t any old calendar app, no this app is set up to allow you to book appointments for just about anything including: massages, haircuts, dental appointments, car repairs etc.


MyTime is designed to allow users to both discover new businesses locally and set up appointments with them via the app – which means that you never even have to call. MyTime has won the Launch Conference’s mobile app competition and already raised $3 million to fund its app. The first version of MyTime launched today on iOS and supports 3,000 businesses throughout Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Sure it may seem like an app to get people to book appointments for more things that they don’t need – teeth whitening, massages etc. But the app is also designed to allow for other appointments such as car repairs – you know, the kind of thing that we all need once in a while. Besides, the app supports local business and supporting your local businesses is a great way to stimulate your local economy.

We anxiously await the opening of MyTime nationwide so not just Californians can take advantage of this one!

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