VetCloud Seeks To Revolutionize Vet Clinics Globally

When it comes to startup businesses in the tech industry it’s important to stand out and VetCloud has done just that with their current venture.

VetCloudVetCloud is a cloud-based SaaS startup and on initial examination it is a front-end replacement for veterinarian practice management, scheduling and CRM software. The truth is however, that VetCloud is much more than providing calendaring and cloud-stored patient and client records making them easily accessible anywhere and retrievable and updatable without server access. The new startup offers structure that also provides access to general trends throughout the practice and identify major concerns in local animal populations before they get out of control.

The VetCloud service is also a great analysis tool for veterinary practice owners in that it provides data analysis that can help clinics with spending and partnership options. By identifying profitable partnerships with drug companies and the like, VetCloud can serve to improve the bottom line of veterinary clinics around the globe.

Currently VetCloud founders are still seeking funding for their project and there are questions as to whether it is feasible to expect veterinary clinics to switch over to such a modern system. The truth is though that VetCloud could really make a difference in struggling clinics and in overall animal health around the world.

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