StumbleUpon Makes Its First Acquisition!

Stumbleupon has been around for quite a while but just today, Stumbleupon announced their acquisition of 5by.


5by is a small video start up company based out of Montreal. 5by details their company as being a video concierge company that is made up of only six people and their entire staff will be moving to Stumbleupon headquarters with the new acquisition. The video startup company will not be integrated in to Stumbleupon and will continue to work as a standalone product at least for now. CEO of Stumbleupon states that the acquisition is about getting the name of 5by out there.

The 5by service is designed to recommend videos in specific categories chosen and then recommend more videos based on viewing habits. Stumbleupon is investing in the small company because they believe that the future of advertising is firmly rooted in video content. Rather than build their own video platform, Stumbleupon decided to purchase 5by company to utilize their technology through their website as well as to learn more about how to implement video in the Stumbleupon structure.

The financials of Stumbleupon’s new acquisition have not been detailed yet.

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