What Is The New Google Company Calico About?

Google is continually extending the arms of its business in to various industries, but the new Google company, Calico is doing so in a novel way. Calico is a new Google company focused on the health care industry and is centering its focus on the aging process in general and the process of disease in geriatric communities.


Calico is being headed by current Apple and Genentech chair Arthur D. Levinson, and according to Google CEO, Larry Page, it is a company focused on “moonshot thinking around healthcare and biotechnology.” Not too much is known about the new project at the moment but there is quite a lot of chatter about what this new company could hold in terms of medical advancements. Larry Page believes that the new project will almost certainly advance medical research and re-evaluate the more traditional thinking and approaches to healthcare.

Stay tuned for developing news on the Calico project.

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