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Free Cloud Storage For All From Firedrive

Firedrive.com has come up with the unique cloud storage service for free. The company offers 50GB free space for storing all your data, files, pictures securely, and enables you to access them from anywhere, from any device, at any time.

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Introducing 9Slides The Mobile Friendly Cloud Solution


When it comes to finding cloud based solutions the pickings aren't slim, in fact there are a vast number of offerings to choose from. The problem is, however, that not all of these solutions offer mobile and tablet friendly options for collaborating on online presentations.

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Google To Offer Server Side Encryption On Cloud Storage!

Google Cloud

In a move that we thought should have been made quite a long time ago, Google is now offering server side encryption on cloud storage. According to a recent revelation Google will begin offering server side encryption immediately. This means that data that is uploaded to the cloud storage platform will now be encrypted before being uploaded.

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Palm Opens Up Pre SDK

Good news for those of you who are sick of the iPhone. Palm has finally let loose the Mojo SDK, which will enable developers to build apps for its upcoming Pre phone. In addition to the standard fare in a phone-based SDK, Palm is offering “cloud computing” services which emulate push technology. Sounds like someone is trying to compete with ...

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Animated Airport Cloud Sculpture

‘Cloud’ is an amazing kinetic scultpure that was designed for Bristish Airways’ new Terminal Five at Heathrow Airport by the art and design collective Troika. ‘Cloud’ uses 4,638 flip dots that are individually controlled by a computer to create amazing animations on the surface of the sculpture. Flip dots were originally used back in the ’70s and ’80s to make ...

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