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This post brought to you by Firedrive. All opinions are 100% mine. has come up with the unique cloud storage service for free. The company offers 50GB free space for storing all your data, files, pictures securely, and enables you to access them from anywhere, from any device, at any time. The service provides all the features of the latest cloud technology to the users; while ensuring the best safety of the user data. The service adds a lot of flexibility to data sharing and access needs of the users, with its high speed and 100% uptime.

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The Most Important Features of Cloud Storage

You can simply place your files, pictures, movies or documents on Firedrive and access, manage or share them from any of the devices with internet connection.

Firedrive allows the users to upload their files by FTP. You can even drag and drop your files and folders on Firedrive.

The service also makes sharing simple; as you upload any data to the Firedrive, by default it is saved as private, and you can share it only if you choose to.

Firedrive also supports creating groups, so if you want to share particular information within particular groups of users, you can simply do that by dividing the users in different groups and granting share permission to the group as per your requirements.

The process of sharing a file on Firedrive is also easy; you only need to mark the folder that you wish to share, and automatically the folder is shared with the particular person or the group you choose.

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Some Unique Aspects

Another unique aspect of the service is the filedrop feature. You can convert any folder saved in your Firedrive account into a filedrop; this will allow other users to drop files in that particular folder. This feature can be ideal for receiving files from users without having them to register for the service.

Firedrive supports over 150+ file types so you can browse and view your files from any browser or device. It has a simple and easy to use front end and employs industry standard encryption to ensure the best safety for your data.

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