Building A Database Of The World’s Dreams With Shadow

Kickstarter is the home to a great many technological revelations and the Shadow app is just one of those. The app, Shadow, is designed to create a database of dreams for users worldwide.

The Shadow app is taking off quite well on the crowd funding website, Kickstarter and has already raised $20,000 of their $50,000 goal. The app itself features a built in alarm which escalates slowly to wake users gradually so that they are better able to recall their dreams. Once users awake, they are prompted by the app to record their dreams. The app will allow users to type their dreams or to speak them using the in app transcription option. As an added feature, if users are having trouble recalling their dreams, they can also utilize a prompt which features a small series of questions designed to help to job their memory.

The Shadow app will eventually build a global dream database and users will be able to compare their dreams and dream history to those of other demographics and nationalities. While the Shadow concept isn’t new in and of itself, the concept of creating a global user recorded dream database is somewhat novel.

If you’re interested in supporting the Shadow app on Kickstarter you can make your donations via their Kickstarter project page.

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