Why Can’t I See My Views On Instagram Story?

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Many Instagram users have complained on Twitter that the social media platform does not show Story Views. This isn’t the only time Instagram users have complained about this problem; it’s now frequent.

We’re also attempting to figure out why Instagram is having trouble with story views, and we’ve come up with a solution. In this article, We’ll teach you how to fix Instagram story views that aren’t visible.

Reasons Why I Can’t see Views on IG Story?

If you cannot see the Instagram story view in your account, it could be due to any of the following reasons:

  • Instagram server is down
  • You need to restart the app since it could be frozen
  • You’re using an outdated version of the app
  • Instagram might not be working correctly on your particular device or browser
  • You need to clear the cache
  • You have an influx of fake followers on Instagram
  • Your content is not exciting or engaging

Solutions For Story Views Not Showing on Instagram 

Here are some of the solutions that can help you figure out why you’re unable to see the Instagram story views:

Check Instagram’s Server If it’s Down. 

A server-side problem is frequently the cause of your Instagram Story view count not appearing. As a result, we anticipate the Instagram app will be unable to establish a reliable connection to sync or update your view count.

Other Instagram users may also have the same view count issues in such scenarios.

You have the option of waiting it out. Being the social media powerhouse that it is, Instagram usually addresses platform issues in a matter of hours or days. As a result, it’s preferable to recheck Story views later.

You might also use a VPN if you need to get your post up fast. A VPN will make it possible to connect to a server in a different region. As a result, some areas may be less affected.

Restart the Your Phone & Instagram App 

The Instagram app will suffer minor malfunctions and issues every now and then, especially if you haven’t closed the program in a while or left it running in the background. Consequently, your inability to see your Instagram Story view count might be due to a fault in the program.

A brief app reboot may refresh your Instagram session and perhaps compel your Story’s view count to update, despite its simplicity.

If an app bug caused the problem, you would be able to recheck your audience count after restarting the app.

Update the Instagram App

Instagram has made various upgrades to its Stories feature to improve and develop it over the years. As a result, specific previous changes have resulted in Instagram Story views missing or not displaying.

We recommend ensuring you have the most recent version of the Instagram app installed. This guarantees you have the most recent bug patches, which may be the answer to your Story views problem.

Check on Different Devices or Change Browser 

As previously stated, this Story view count issue might be caused by an issue with the Instagram app. As a result, this step is to see if the problem is due to the app you have loaded on your smartphone.

As a result, we recommend using your native browser app to open Instagram and see your Story’s viewer base using Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.

Similarly, you could have more results using your PC’s web browser. So, try logging in to Instagram on a different device and see what happens!

Clear the Instagram App Cache and Data

Perhaps you discovered that the Instagram app on your mobile device is the source of the Story view count issue in the previous step. Clearing the app cache and data is a good option in this instance. Cache data might affect certain program functionalities, especially when it occupies a considerable percentage of your memory.

As a result, this step guarantees that the app is bug-free and that your Instagram Story view count is updated.

Uninstall & Reinstall the Instagram App

Reinstalling the Instagram app on your mobile device is another easy but effective technique. This strategy continues the previous phase and is frequently the more successful one.

A complete reinstall deletes all Instagram app files from your smartphone, even faulty ones. Before anything else, install a fresh copy of the software!

Open the Instagram app and log in to your account after the installation is complete. Then try posting a tale to see if you can see the viewing count once more.

A Bot Generated Your Previous Instagram Story Views

The most typical cause of your Story views steadily decreasing is a significant increase in inauthentic engagement or views. As a result, you may have come across a bot trigger, purchased or used an engagement software, purchased or utilized phony likes or followers, or even come across some bizarre blackhat program that engages you automatically.

As a result, you may have gathered fake views in the past, which is why your Story views are rapidly falling.

You may have used a hashtag that resulted in bot engagement in rare cases.

To solve the problem, edit your post before the downturn begins and replace the hashtags used in that post. This is done to avert a subsequent spike that isn’t genuine.

Remove Fake Followers 

It’s essential to get rid of fake followers and accounts if you’ve just noticed an inflow. You may do this by deleting them from your Instagram Followers list, which will prevent them from seeing your Story uploads.

Also, if you’ve acquired bots that have resulted in a big surge of likes or follow, you should remove them right once.

Similarly, if you’ve ever bought fraudulent likes, followers, or views, you should avoid doing so in the future since your data will be inflated. As a result, you’ll get skewed data that doesn’t accurately reflect your raw organic data. As a result, you may see differences in the view counts of various Story submissions.

Be Active and post more Interesting and Engaging Content

Engaging content is a vital factor in helping users get a significant number of views on their articles. Unfortunately, if your tales have dull information, many individuals will skim over them.

You’ll probably earn more minor interactions and story views if you submit tales without a plan or means of participation. Create a plot instead, and give readers a reason to engage with your stories. Quizzes and valuable information entice readers to come back, engage and share.

Report the Issue to Instagram Support

If all of the above steps have failed, you should contact Instagram’s customer service staff. Writing a brief and detailed email to the Instagram support team can be helpful.

The support team may be able to locate the cause of your problem due to this. They can then suggest some solutions to this unique Story view count problem.


We hope that the above article helped you fix the problem you’re facing with your Instagram story views.

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