Shyp Raises $2.1M To Start Packing And Shipping Your Stuff For You!

Most of us are lazy in one way or another and one startup business is aiming to take advantage of that laziness, Shyp. Shyp is a service dedicated to packing up your items and shipping them for you for a nominal fee.


Users of the Shyp service simply have to take a picture of the item that they want shipped and send it to the Shyp network. The network then send out one of their “Heroes” and one of them shows up at your location to pick up the item needing to be shipped. The Hero will take the item, put it in a padded bag and take it to be packed and shipped taking all of the work out of shipping for you! The charge for Shyp’s service is similar to what you would pay to UPS or Fedex plus a $5 fee for their pickup service. If you use Shyp’s service for more than one item separately but at the same time then Shyp will waive your $5 pickup fee. Plus, Shyp’s services also include $10,000 maximum of insurance that covers your item from the moment that it leaves your hands.

A service aimed at laziness? Sure, but we know more than a handful of people who will be putting this service to use!

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