Create 3D Shared Photos With Seene For The iPhone

The Seene app for the iPhone allows users to create easy 3D photos that they can share bringing a whole new element to sharing photos.


The Seene app creates parallax-based 3D photos with the help of the phone’s accelerometer, guiding users through the process as they photograph multiple angles of a given subject. Photos taken with the app are easily shared with friends via web based links or through social networks and bring subjects to life through piecing together multiple angles of photography.

The Seene app doesn’t create what you would expect from a 3D image (we’re not talking the red and blue glasses type 3D) rather the app creates an interactive image that the user can mouse over and observe from different views – think of the new Apple Maps function.

Sure, it’s yet another photography app but at least this one does more than put a frame around an image after applying a generic color filter.

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