Forget Restaurant Buzzers, Go With The NoWait App!

Those clunky restaurant buzzers may become a thing of the past with the introduction of the NoWait app.


NoWait is a waitlisting service that runs on your cellphone and acts like a restaurant buzzer as well as a number of other things!  The app also allows users to “get in line” for some restaurants before they even get to the restaurant itself which is particularly useful for restaurants that don’t take reservations. The app also allows users to look through local restaurants that are supported and see which are busiest in order to reduce wait time. Once users find a restaurant of their choice they can simply enter the size of their party and reserve their position in line.

The NoWait app is also a valued tool for restaurant owners looking for more details on reservations and these same restaurants are making good use of the app’s floor map application too.

The company behind NoWait is based out of Pittsburgh and for the time being the app will function only for the Pittsburgh area. The hope is however, that the app will take off to the point where it is a nationwide app. NoWait hopes to expand to this level by January of 2014.

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