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5 Ways To Market With Reusable Bags

When you’re running a business, marketing and promotions can be a tough nut to crack sometimes. Generating buzz and interest in your company while maintaining your existing clientele isn’t always easy. One doesn’t have to be a marketing genius to realize that there are certain, proven methods of marketing that can help drive business. One of these is giving away ...

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3 Tips For SMS Marketing Success

In a marketing climate dominated by new mediums like social media, old ones such as simple messaging services (SMS) still have their charms. SMS doesn’t require downloading a third-party app, and the recipient can see the message the moment it gets sent.  Data from Pew Research showed that mobile phone ownership in the U.S. has been on the rise since ...

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7 Ideas For Your College Marketing Project

You have been assigned a final project as part of your college marketing class. One of the main things you need to remember is that your instructor is looking for an innovative way that you can apply theory and research into something practical. It needs to be something that will help a company achieve its marketing goals and objectives. Some ...

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Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing


Marketing is an integral part of building a business and is focused entirely on communication. In fact, it has the power to make or break a brand entirely depending on the approach or rather lack of thereof. Traditional marketing strategies have evolved over time to adapt to the needs of the consumers and technology has played a huge role in ...

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How to Use QR Codes to Spruce Up Your Marketing

You may think QR codes are an eyesore or a little blah when incorporated into your marketing and advertising materials. When taken at face value, a plain black and white QR code doesn’t add a whole lot of aesthetic to your overall design. What many people don’t know is that you can create customized QR codes with a variety of colors, designs and themes that can add a fun and engaging element to your graphic designs and marketing work.

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