5 Ways To Market With Reusable Bags

When you’re running a business, marketing and promotions can be a tough nut to crack sometimes. Generating buzz and interest in your company while maintaining your existing clientele isn’t always easy. One doesn’t have to be a marketing genius to realize that there are certain, proven methods of marketing that can help drive business. One of these is giving away or selling custom logo items. Promotional items pack a one-two punch for your business. On one end, it gives customers a neat item they can use and on the other, it helps promote your business effectively. Reusable bags are a fantastic promotional item that you can use for any upcoming or current marketing plan. As part of your marketing strategy.

Give Them Away

When you want to build brand recognition at your organization, giving away something that sports your logo is a good idea. Reasonable bags are good for the environment and reduce waste, making them a great option. Customers have the opportunity to reuse the bags, possibly get a discount at your company and can rest easy knowing they’re making a lower impact on the environment. Consumers are generally interested in giving back to the world at large and are more willing to buy products from companies that are associated with worthy causes. So, giving away reusable bags increases your customer base while also contributing to society in a positive way.

Design A Special Logo For Each Bag

Regardless of how you go about distributing your reusable bags, it’s crucial to design each one to be unique. Why not get a bit creative with your custom logo tote bags? You can put a custom label on the bag and give it away as a unique offering or a one of a kind style that gets discontinued when it runs out. You can offer those concurrently with your typical graphic back so that customers have the option. You can do it again with other types of bags and continue to create exclusive collectible bags with different custom logos for various promotions. This ultimately works out to keep customers happy and engaged with your brand while simultaneously giving you the means to increase brand awareness on the whole.

Offer Different Types of Bags

Tote bags aren’t the only worthwhile offering; there are several other wonderful types of bags that make a great gift, giveaway, or freebie. They also can come in many different forms. These include the following:

  • Non-Woven bags
  • Clear, zippered bags
  • Bags with one or more pockets
  • Bags featuring cool graphics
  • Bags with distinct patterns
  • Laminated bags
  • Bags made from natural materials like canvas, jute, and hemp

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, it underscores the point that tote bags are an incredibly diverse, environmentally friendly item that can put your business on the map.

Sell Them At A Discount

If you don’t want to engage in giveaways, you can always sell your bags at a discount! Offer them for a few bucks with the purchase of certain items or a predetermined amount. That way, you essentially incentivize buying the bags. You can also offer a discount to guests for reusing the bags (more on that in a moment). By selling reusable tote bags at a discount, you’re essentially encouraging your customers to switch over from disposable plastic bags (and saving the planet in the process). It’s also a convenient way to get the word out about your bags and start circulating your name around. By building rapport and reputation through reusable tote bags, you can position yourself to be a little bit more successful over time. Include bags as part of the promotion, for a dollar or two when customers make a certain purchase, or even included as a freebie on uncertain days or under certain circumstances. By effectively using it as a marketing tool, you’ll find success on the overall.

Give A Discount For Using One

If there’s one thing that makes customers happy across the board, it’s receiving a discount simply for shopping at your establishment. That’s another key area where you can generate some positive buzz and good feelings toward your business. Some grocery stores and other businesses now charge customers a small fee for using plastic bags. Instead of charging patrons for using such ecologically unsound bags, consider giving your valued guests a discount for using their own bag—and make it an even bigger discount if it’s a reusable bag from your business! Doing so is an excellent method for ensuring repeat customers and it’s a method of positive reinforcement for protecting the environment. That’s a win-win situation, right there! Your customers get the good feeling of having a discount and protecting the environment—all while you increase your brand awareness and give back to planet at the same time.

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