$500M+ In E-Commerce Sales For Skimlinks Last Year!

Skimlinks, known for their affiliate marketing services had a record year last year driving over $500 million in e-commerce sales to online publishers through affiliate links!


According to figures, Skimlinks reported $402.3 million in sales last year and that was only from three quarters of their sales. While the other quarter of their sales were not reported they had to be estimated and that estimation puts Skimlinks at some $500 million in sales! This estimation is based on historical analysis of the company’s figures. So how do those figures compare to last year? They’re around double last years!

How does Skimlinks work? The technology behind Skimlinks converts both keywords and regular links in to affiliate links that allow publishers to profit from links on their site. Skimlinks also has a feature called the Skimlinks editor which plugs in to the users browser enabling them to compare affiliate commission rates across merchants. The editor marks a step towards intelligent linking which automatically updates links rather than asking users to search and replace previous links once marketing campaigns have ended.

What does 2014 have in store for Skimlinks and Skimlinks users? According to the company, the next step is an increased focus on the intelligent linking infrastructure.

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