FreedomPop Introduces A Mobile Hotspot With Free High Speed WiFi

FreedomPop is offering a mobile hotspot with free high speed WiFi access for $39.99. The gadget features 6+ hours of battery life and 2GB of cheap data and is a palm sized gadget.


The FreedomPop Photon is an affordable palm sized gadget that offers a 4G mobile WiFi hotspot that provides up to 8 of your devices with 12mbps download speeds. Startup packages can come as cheap as $39.99 for the Photon itself and 2GB of data. The Photon offers 6+ hours of battery life and 2GB of cheap data offering secure and private access anywhere. After the initial purchase, FreedomPop offers 2GB data plans monthly for $18 or 500MB for free. Plus, much like Dropbox, FreedomPop offers 50MB additional to each user upon referral of another user to FreedomPop services.

Currently Gizmodo is offering its readers a deal where for $39.99 you can get your hands on

FreedomPop Photon – Platinum Edition
2GB data plan (1st month)
Micro USB travel charger (normally $14.99)

Source: Gizmodo

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