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Free Wi-Fi Security: 5 Puslic Hotspot Do’s and Don’ts

Free Wi-Fi security: 5 public hotspot dos and don’ts

Hotels, train stations, airports, pubs, restaurants, cafes and shops. Those are just some of the places you’ll find free wireless broadband. Generally speaking, it’s safe to use public hotspots wherever they are – as long as you follow a few Wi-Fi security basics. When you connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot, your device starts a ‘conversation’ with the router, which may also ...

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Make Your Own Solar Powered, Portable WiFi HotSpot

If you had the chance to build a contraption that would provide you with green internet access almost anywhere, wouldn’t you take it? This DIY WiFi Repeater needs absolutely no electricity to function, yet extends your reach into the cloud by a significant amount. Solar panels power a Linksys WRT54G v8 router with 7.5 volts at 500 milliamps in direct ...

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McDonald’s Now Offering Free Wi-Fri

Free Wi-Fi is great and all, but it’s sort of expected these days, especially from big chains. I want to know what else they can offer me. Did you know that McDonald’s isn’t only offering free Wi-Fi, but they’re also going to provide the new and exclusive Wi-Fri service. More fries in more places! This genius ad spot is sure ...

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Eye-Fi Pro Released

While amateur photographers have long enjoyed the luxury of the WiFi-enabled Eye-Fi SD card, pros will be happy to know that there’s finally a solution available for them. For $150, you’ll cop a 4GB SD card that supports WiFi uploading, the ability to choose which pictures go where and RAW imaging support. Gizmodo reviewed it and says it’s great, so ...

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Livio Radio Brings Pandora Into The Living Room

Pandora is a fantastic online radio service. While I prefer Last.fm at times because they know me better, Pandora is great whenever you want to listen to similar tunes for awhile. Unfortunately, it’s web-based so if you don’t have a laptop or PC in your living room, you’re kind of out of luck. That was, until the Livio Radio came ...

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The Palm Pre

My goodness! Palm has made a triumphant return to the industry by announcing a phone that will compete with Apple’s iPhone. It’s called the Pre and it features a 3.1-inch touchscreen, 8GB of onboard storage, a 3MP camera, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and an operating system that relies on web apps. In fact, Palm claims that developers who know HTML, CSS ...

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T-Mobile, RIM Announce Blackberry Curve 8900

T-Mobile has been long overdue for a new RIM device and the Blackberry Curve 8900 will do just fine. The phone will drop sometime next month and has plenty of features that make us drool with jealousy. Try out some WiFi, GPS, headphone jack, microSD slots and of course, myFaves for size. Too rough for ya? Didn’t think so. All ...

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