Comparing Android Galaxy S4 Mini, S4 and S3 Mini

Here at GearFuse we may be a little biased towards Apple products, this can be evidenced by the wealth of blog posts about the iPhone. That said though, we know that many of you out there are Android fans and while generally it’s not our first choice, there is something to be said for Android gadgets.

Today we want to take a look at the differences between the Android Galaxy S4 Mini, S4 and Galaxy S3 Mini.

AndroidPIT Infographic

Since this infographic was composed by AndroidPIT, the price of the Galaxy S4 Mini has been revealed to be around $300 with it currently selling on Amazon for $288.95. So what do we think of the S4 Mini? The battery life is certainly improved over the S3 Mini but still does not reach the full battery life of the S4. That said however, the smaller size of the S4 Mini does have something on the S4 in terms of weight and size. Does it have enough to justify the lack of battery life? We’re talking a difference of 2,600 mAh in the S4 versus 1,900 mAh in the S4 Mini…that’s really up to you in terms of trade offs.

The Galaxy S4 Mini is not that much smaller or lighter than the S4 and while the battery life is lower for the S4 mini, so too is the price. With a price difference of more than $300 between the S4 and the S4 Mini, it seems like a no brainer…unless you’re looking for more RAM, a better quality camera and a bigger processor in which case the S4 could be a better choice for you.

What about the Galaxy S3 Mini? We don’t advice backtracking in terms of this technology. The S3 Mini offers a much lower quality camera, a lower battery life and runs on Android 4.1.

Not sure that any of these gadgets suits your needs? Take a look at the Nexus 4 which offers a number of the more appealing characteristics of the S4 with a lower price point at just under $400. The Nexus 4 has 2 GB RAM, an 8MP camera and a decent screen size falling just shy of the S4 but far beyond the S4 mini and S3 Mini. So what drawbacks are there to the Nexus 4? If you’re looking for the lightest phone on the block, you definitely won’t be getting that with this phone at just under 5 ounces.

We have to admit, even being Apple fans, some of the newer Android gadgets have certainly caught our eye.

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