Simple Tricks to Fix Your Beloved iPhone

Electronics are important to all of us these days. If you’re one of those people who carry your electronics everywhere then chances are you’ve scratched it, cracked it, or accidentally sent it for a swim. If this happens and you don’t have good insurance on the item, or a comprehensive warranty, then you may be stuck either getting a new phone or fixing it yourself. Thankfully, even for higher end equipment, it is possible to fix it yourself. If you don’t have a warranty or insurance then you can tinker away without worry. However, if you have sprung for the warranty, be advised that doing fixes yourself will sometimes void that agreement.

Scratched it

Little scratches on the screen of your phone or tablet can drive you up the wall with frustration. Even if no one else claims to notice them, you do and that’s really all that matters. If you’ve scratched your phone you may be able to fix it with simple household products like Pledge and toothpaste. The first thing that you should do is to make sure the surface of your phone is clean. Then turn it off and put it on a flat surface. With a clean, cotton cloth carefully apply a small bit of toothpaste in a circular pattern, much like waxing a car. When you are done, leave the phone sitting for a few hours and then rinse it off. The toothpaste will fill in cracks while drying clear. Wipe the phone off gently then apply the Pledge in the same manner. Repeat as needed till the cracks are filled.

Drowned it

The key to fixing this is speed. You’ll want to get your broken iPhone soaking in rice as soon as possible. Rice is what is known as a hygroscopic substance. This means that depending on the humidity, rice will soak up water or release it. When you completely cover your phone in rice and let it sit, the humidity in your phone will be greater than the humidity of the rice and the outside air. Because of this, the rice will basically suck up all of the water in your electronic device. You simply have to let it sit for as long as you can, preferably a minimum of six hours. Be aware that many electronics have strips that turn a color after they’ve been exposed to water. This may void your warranty on the item, depending on where you purchased it from.

Cracked it

Drops happen and usually they turn out fine. However, sometimes you end up cracking your device at the seam. This can be a problem because dirt and moisture can get inside your device and ruin the electronic parts. When you’re trying to put your phone back together you have to be careful. First, see if you can gently force the item back together without snapping the case. If you can, then try sliding a very small line of superglue along the top of the crack. Once you’ve done this, slowly compress your item and put something weighty like a book on top of it. Leave the item for about an hour. To add another level of support you can use electrical tape to complete the seal.

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