3 Tips For SMS Marketing Success

In a marketing climate dominated by new mediums like social media, old ones such as simple messaging services (SMS) still have their charms. SMS doesn’t require downloading a third-party app, and the recipient can see the message the moment it gets sent. 

Data from Pew Research showed that mobile phone ownership in the U.S. has been on the rise since the early 2000s. As of this writing, 97% of Americans own one, 85% of whom possess a smartphone. (1)

Given this high potential, businesses are quickly seizing the opportunity to get their names out through SMS. If you plan to do so, consider these tips moving forward.

1. Allow to opt-out

Not having an opt-out option for your target market violates the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Even if the customer provides their number, it doesn’t automatically grant businesses the right to send them text blasts. If the customer does consent to text blasts, the TCPA requires marketers to give opt-out instructions every month after the customer signs up for an account. (2)

The most common opt-out mechanism employed entails the recipient replying with a keyword like “STOP” or “END.” Automated texting programs like Drop Cowboy are designed to skip a contact that has opted out of the text blast. The feature allows brands to focus their SMS efforts on customers that need the text blasts.

2. Keep other channels active

For the record, experts say a business shouldn’t be overly reliant on one form of communication. Instead, modern business strategies should adopt an omnichannel approach, integrating all forms of communication into a seamless experience. Businesses risk losing up to two-fifths of their customer base because the latter’s preferred means of communication are unavailable. (3)

If your company doesn’t have many more channels, now may be a good time to establish them. For instance, voice mail can deliver more personalized messages, from answers to a customer’s questions to job order specifics. When combined with automated solutions such as Unlimited Ringless Voicemail, voice mail can generate better responses for less hassle.

3. Offer discounts

SMS marketing works wonders for offering coupons and vouchers. In one case study, a business rolled out two forms: an email subscription for existing accounts and text blasts for visitors. Both options offered a 25% price cut and freebies for subscribers. The business welcomed over 4,000 new subscribers and generated over USD$40,000 in revenue within two weeks. (4)

Of course, discount campaigns are only good as the state of the business itself, particularly how it words them. According to experts, some consumers may see discounts as a reason to question the quality of goods and services. Having clear objectives can help draft the right sales pitch.


SMS is a vast but relatively untapped base for promoting goods and services. Even in a day and age all but dominated by social media, the humble text message can still deliver leads and profit for any business. All it takes is the right software and a sound strategy.


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