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New Xbox 360 Bundles For The Holidays

Next month, Microsoft will be totally reshaping the Xbox Live experience. While this is fine and dandy, Microsoft is really looking to get the Xbox 360 into the hands of every teenager on the planet this Black Friday and holiday season. Next up on the checklist is to offer customers free games. Buy the $199 360 Arcade and you’ll get ...

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Sony To Unleash Magical Mystery Product On Monday

Japanese electronics giant Sony is set to unveil a mysterious new product Monday night at 9 p.m. sharp. No one has any idea what type of device Sony is going to reveal, but on their web site they released a picture of a glowing green power button and promised something that will “redefine” performance, mobility, and style. Based on those ...

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Cardboard Studio Apartment

Oh IKEA. We all love your cheap prices and great selection of furniture and doo-dads. Really, we do. I think we all just want your products to not fall apart after a few months. I hope it’s not too much to ask, especially with this ridiculous cardboard studio apartment you built in Brooklyn. This 20’x20′ “apartment” was set up outdoors ...

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Papa Johns Peephole Marketing

BoingBoing has a great find today. It’s a Papa Johns pizza delivery advertisement. The catch? It sticks to your door right below your peephole. When you peer out, it looks like a guy is delivering a fresh, hot pizza pie to your door. If only it were true. Link

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Almost feels like teleporting… almost

Japanese company Frepar has announced the commercialization of their almost-teleporting communicate-Pod. What this thing does is that it allows the real-time teleporting of full 3D image of objects between both parties, so essentially it “looks” like teleporting. When you want to show your friend your new hamster, simply place it on the Sci-fi looking device, let it walk around in ...

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PS3 supply to exceed demand

Things have not been going good at all for Sony recently. The PS3, which was one of the most, if not the most, highly anticipated gaming consoles ever to be released has entered a serious slump. Marketing trends and sales are showing a bleak prediction for the future of the PS3 system. On the initial date of release, the PS3 ...

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