7 Luxury Hotels That Make Us Drool

Hotel St Martins Lane, London

If you aren't one of the "other half," then chances are that you've wondered how they live, and that includes hotel stays. These 7 luxury hotels make the list of some of the most incredible luxury hotels from around the world and this girl is lucky enough to have stayed in one of them (check out #1.)

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5 Epic Videos Of People Falling

Fail Videos

We're headed in to the homestretch with the weekend just on the horizon but just in case you needed a little pick me up to get you through the rest of the week, take a look at these 5 epic fail videos of people falling...because it's always funny as long as it's someone else.

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8 Pieces of Sound Fatherly Advice

Be Resourceful

Have you ever received a piece of advice from your dad and thought...wait...what? In honor of father's day coming up we are taking a look at 8 pieces of our favorite sound fatherly advice.

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6 Really Cute Animals in Clothes

There is something about animals in clothing that makes even the most stone faced person smile just a little. Simply put, animals in clothes are cute. Take a look at these really cute animals in clothes

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Superformula Chemotherapy


Sometimes a story hits the news and you can't help but wonder why no one thought of it before. This is the case with a story out of A.C.Camargo Cancer Center in São Paulo, Brazil.

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12 Heartwarming and Happy Headlines From the Past Month

Baby Giraffe

These days reading a newspaper or watching the news can be quite depressing. When someone hasn’t been shot, maimed or otherwise dismembered there is generally at least one natural disaster cleanup in progress. These depressing headlines don’t even take in to consideration the ongoing worldwide problems of civil war, famine and genocide. Today we want to present a little slice ...

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