$6.85 Million Raised By Deliv For Same Day Delivery Services

We are a culture of impatience so it is really no wonder that a same day delivery start up like the Palo Alto firm Deliv, has managed to raise $6.85 million.


Deliv joins the ranks of many other same day delivery start up companies including Zipments and PostMates designed to increase the speed with which deliveries are made. Deliv plans to utilize their $6.85 million raised to both hire new staff members and expand their services to retailers throughout shopping malls of America.

Deliv, and services like them are designed to integrate directly with retailers checkout services to offer same day delivery options that can be selected at checkout. What are prices like for same day delivery services? Surprisingly, they’re about the same as standard delivery costs.

While many shake their head at the impatience and “laziness” of consumers demanding same day delivery, there are actually a number of functional uses of services like Deliv for those who are constantly on the go. Sure, we’re tempted to think of people who simply don’t want to leave home, but stop for a moment and think about the single parent running school pickups, after school activities and working a full time job…services like Deliv offer a fast delivery option for items that just can’t wait.

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