Choosing Gifts Without Effort With ThePresent.Co!

The enormity of the amount of data people share with complete strangers has once again been made glaringly obvious with a service that mines public Facebook data to offer shoppers gift suggestions for their friends and family.


ThePresent.Co seeks to make gift giving just a little lazier…or easier if you prefer. The website requests access to your Facebook account and utilizes its own recommendation engine in combination with algorithms to recommend gifts from its linked database. Gift prices range from £8 to £80,000 and utilized both demographic and interest-graph data of the intended recipient to recommend gifts. Not sure about linking yet another service to your Facebook account? Don’t worry, you can fill in a quick survey as well and get equally spectacular results. The system allows users to set their target price range and once you purchase the gift – assuming it’s from the merchant that they recommended, the gift is wrapped and sent out for delivery.

Is ThePresent.Co the perfect solution for the lazy Christmas shopper? Perhaps but it does depend significantly on the amount of data shared by the individual on Facebook, the types of gifts in the existing database and your knowledge of your friend’s likes and dislikes if you choose to fill out a survey rather than grant Facebook access to the site. It’s worth a try though if you find yourself always stuck without a gift idea.

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