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Smartphone Comparison Chart Lays Down the Facts

I’ve been looking for a chart such as this one that lays down the facts of the newest generation of smartphones, providing an easy basis of comparison. Each phone has its own pros and cons, except the Palm Pre, which is almost all cons (sorry Sprint, you lose). But in all honesty, what other phone could you do this with? ...

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BI Handheld Shopping Gadget Concept

Whenever I’m in an unfamiliar area I have an issue when I want to get my shopping fix on. I hate driving around aimlessly looking for stores, it just feels like a waste. And sometimes, the GPS just doesn’t cut it as far as shopping destinations go. The BI concept is a handheld device designed specifically for shoppers. The device ...

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Trader Joe’s is Trying Too Hard

Look, you don’t need to try this hard to attract geeks. All you need is to invest in an electronics section, even if all you sell is PS1 games and a few calculators, it’s the thought that counts and us geeks realize that. This plagiarist activity isn’t going to win you any brownie points. Link

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