Google, eBay and Paypal Anticipating Lots of Mobile Phone Holiday Shopping

With the economy in its current state, many companies are asking the question: “Will people spend money this holiday?”. Well, if past years are any indication, a recession (or close-to-recession) won’t keep people from buying Christmas presents. Some companies, like Google, eBay and Paypal, are getting geared up to deal with higher-than-expected volume.

According to most analysts, Americans are expected to spend significantly more on internet purchases this holiday than in previous years. However, people aren’t just shopping from their home computers. Many people will be purchasing with tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices — and companies want to be prepared.

Google, eBay and Paypal seem to have unanimously agreed that this year would see dramatic increases in the number of people shopping from a mobile device. Considering the popularity of mobile computing, this isn’t exactly surprising.


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