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Paypal Trials Mugshot Verification In The UK


Down at their headquarters in the UK, PayPal employees have decided that they need an easier way to pay for their purchases. Of course, being PayPal employees they want a method that utilizes PayPal. In an effort to promote easier purchasing, PayPal UK are pushing local Rochmond Upon Thames retailers to act as guinea pigs for their new PayPal based photo authentication system. The system works in participating businesses only and works utilizing photo identification.

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Homemade PayPal Vending Machine

Ray Tanaka and his team over at PayPal Labs constructed this PayPal Vending Machine, unveiling it at PayPal X Innovate 2010. The machine melds together a zeitgeist of gadgets to allow smartphones to scan a QR code and make a PayPal payment. Once a payment is made, the machine tweets your purchase and notifies you with a confirmation display. Tanaka ...

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Scam The Shitty Ad Companies With PayPal

Yes, you read that correctly. I’m talking about using PayPal to scam a scammer, not vice versa. Surely you’ve clicked an ad that stated you could receive a free iPod/TV/PS3/Xbox 360/Wii, etc. When you visit these websites, you usually have to sign up for online offers with your credit card in order to claim your prize. GearDiary has explained how ...

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PayPal Security Keys just hastle users even more

PayPal can’t seem to get a break. Because it is the main payment method of eBay, there are always tons of people trying to hack into the system and exploit flaws. Now, we understand that there shouldn’t be any flaws in the first place, but people shouldn’t be trying to steal other’s identities either. So here is a step that ...

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