What You Need to Do to Get a HP Touchpad for $99 on eBay

It seems that a few people are a bit confused about exactly how HP�s sale on their Touchpad Tablets will go down today. Here�s what we know � and how you can improve your chances of getting one.

  • The sale starts at 7pm EST (6pm CDT, 5pm MDT, 4pm PST). In a memo that was supposedly leaked from HP, the sale will be announced first to employees, and then to the public � in order to give employees a chance at a Touchpad first. Looks like that probably won�t happen, considering this info is all over the web.
  • The 16GB model will be $99, and the 32GB model will be $149.
  • To buy one of these HP Touchpads, you will need a�Paypal Account (with your correct shipping and billing address), as well as an�eBay Account in good standing.�You will not be able to check out without these two things.
  • Before attempting to purchase, take the time to link your Paypal to your eBay account, which will save you time once the sale goes live.
  • Each user will only be allowed to add two HP Touchpads to their cart � per eBay account.
  • These are �refurbished� HP Touchpads, not the new models.

Well, that�s all the info we have at the moment. Good luck!


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