Smartphone Comparison Chart Lays Down the Facts

I’ve been looking for a chart such as this one that lays down the facts of the newest generation of smartphones, providing an easy basis of comparison. Each phone has its own pros and cons, except the Palm Pre, which is almost all cons (sorry Sprint, you lose). But in all honesty, what other phone could you do this with? Huh?

For the full chart hit the jump. Be informed, make your own decision.

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  1. I’ve had my Moto Droid for a few months now and I’ve been extremely happy with it. I originally had several Windows Mobile phones and liked them, but the Android operating system and the features took everything to a new level. I like how everything is tied together. I can look at my contacts list and see if people in my “Google Talk” list are online. It’s little things that make you realize that someone really put a lot of thought into making sure everything works together. There’s a bunch of little hooks that you’ll see in the phone like that.

    Some of the guys in the office have iPhones and we’ve been comparing notes as to what their phones can do vs. what mine can do, and we both agree that it’s a pretty level playing field now. While Android’s apps aren’t as fancy as some of the iPhone apps, they are definately catching up. I’m starting to see a lot of the developers that made iPhone apps make the same apps for the Android.

    Also, I really like having the ability to upgrade my memory to 32Gb anytime I want without having to take my phone somewhere where I need to make an appointment and then have someone switch my phone out. It’s just a MicroSD card, and I can find those anywhere and do it myself and then turn around and either use the card for something else or sell it. Was that so hard Apple?

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