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iPhone Cameras Go Head to Head

Fosfor has put together a great comparison test between the cameras of the iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4 with HDR. The results are much what you’d expect, but the degree of differences between the cameras is even more drastic than I thought. All in all the iPhone 4 camera with HDR performs cartwheels around the in-brand competition. ...

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Smartphone Comparison Chart Lays Down the Facts

I’ve been looking for a chart such as this one that lays down the facts of the newest generation of smartphones, providing an easy basis of comparison. Each phone has its own pros and cons, except the Palm Pre, which is almost all cons (sorry Sprint, you lose). But in all honesty, what other phone could you do this with? ...

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Simple DIY: iPhone 3GS Box Dock

Geeking it up DIY-style is all about using everything you have at your disposal to create something totally awesome. This iPhone 3GS Box Dock totally lives up to that principal. Using the actual box that the phone came in, all this DIY requires is a steady hand with a pair of scissors and a liberal application of glue. Apply the ...

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How To Remove Brown Discoloration From Your iPhone

Apple has had a tough last few weeks, all things considered. Flocks of irritated customers have been complaining about a brown discoloration of the white iPhone 3G S casing, originally thought to be the consequence of overheating. As it turns out, new reports suggest that the discoloration is actually a reaction due to contact with third-party iPhone cases. More importantly ...

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iPhone 3.1 Beta Reveals New Features

Apple is slugging along with their newest developer release of iPhone 3.1. Seems like Steve Jobs is running a much tighter ship than maestro Cook. Many of the major issues of 3.0 (which probably wouldn’t of been there in the first place if it were up to El Jobso) have been fixed. Here is a list of improvements dredged up ...

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iPhone 3.0 Released, Download It Now

Update: Doesn’t seem to be showing up on Apple’s iPhone OS 3.0 site, but the “Check for updates” button on the iPhone interface on iTunes does the trick. It’s up on the site now! Yipeee! The wait is finally over! Apple has officially released the iPhone 3.0 OS upgrade, which includes copy & paste, MMS, peer-to-peer gaming, tethering plus 100 ...

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