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Uniqlo’s Retail Robot

This month, a robotic staff member named Wakamaru will be coming to the Japanese clothing store Uniqlo in New York’s trendy SoHo neighborhood. Designed by Mitsubishi, the robot can express emotions, make eye contact, and it’s outfitted with facial recognition software.

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Advertising a la Minority Report

Do you remember the scene in Minority Report where Tom Cruise walks into a Gap and is greeted by a holographic female who recommends clothing to him based on facial recognition? I remember thinking how awesome it would be if a hot holographic chick did all my shopping for me so I could just lounge around and stare at girls’ ...

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Freedom Like A Shopping Cart

They say malt liquor tastes better on the street. I wouldn’t know because I don’t live in a cardboard condominium but I do enjoy my malt liquor. Apparently so do designers Barry Sheehan and Gregor Timlin for their concept of the Shelter Cart in light of Designboom�s mobile living/storage competition. It’s your standard cart but flip it over and you’ve ...

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Louis Vuitton Sets Up Shop In Tokyo

French design house Louis Vuitton has a reputation for ostentatious urban displays and Tokyo is a hotbed of over-the-top luxury consumption, so it should come as no surprise that Vuitton’s planned Tokyo flagship store is going to have an innovative design. Vuitton is being tight-lipped about when their Tokyo store will open and where in the city it will be ...

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