Rumor Has It That Ebay Is Launching An Online Mall

According to the latest rumors eBay is looking to launch an online mall for retail goods called The Plaza which will be attached to the eBay platform.


The Plaza from eBay is going to focus on direct to consumer sales although at this time there isn’t too much information available on the upcoming marketplace.

The Plaza has been compared to Alibaba’s marketplace and one retailer familiar with the upcoming eBay marketplace says that the new system will let brands sell straight to consumers on eBay. How is that much different to the current eBay system? Apparently the new system will feature a more controlled environment. What? Well, companies will no longer have to compete with auctions and used items but will still be able to access the eBay user audience. Isn’t that sort of what eBay stores do? Well yes, but eBay hopes that with a little different approach to branding they can attract more of the larger retailers.

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