Recreate The Sky With This Light Installation

If you are on the lookout for your own personal sky, then this light installation designed by a pilot is perfect for you!

Sky Light

The bad news is that you can’t actually get your own personal sky, at least not yet, but pilot Doug Wheeler will share his with you at the David Zwirner Gallery. As a pilot, Wheeler is of course fascinated by the sky and he depicts this fascination through his light sculpture artwork.

Wheeler’s current piece of art is being called a “rotational horizon work” and a shroud of mystery surrounds it, that is until you actually see the piece for yourself. When you step in to the gallery, an attendant will ask you to take your shoes off and put on a pair of hospital booties. She will then take you down a darkened corridor where you will be met with a bright blue light that pours from a rectangle shaped hole in the wall of the gallery. The attendant continues the journey with you, taking you in to a room with a smooth white floor that is rimmed with hundreds of LEDs that cannot be seen. The room itself is spherical and the colors of the LED lights change periodically. The center of the room is higher than the outer rim, giving it an Earth like quality and making the LED’s at the edge of the room representative of the horizon.

So what is so unique about this art piece? The set up of the piece makes your own body the only reference point that you have in the large white room.

In order to see the art piece, gallery goers have to reserve slots to view it, slots are available in 15 minute increments and must be reserved. This policy stems from the previous bout of rioting seen at the last show by Yayoi Kusama.

It should also be noted that absolutely no photography is allowed inside the exhibit, but all the same this is a piece worth seeing if you’re in the area. How often can you view life with only yourself as a reference point?

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