Switch Your Lights On With Your Cell With WeMo Smart LED Bulbs

Belkin’s WeMo Smart LED bulbs are bringing control of your home’s light bulbs to your smart phone and their starter set has everything you need to make your lighting mobile.


The Belkin WeMo is yet another product from Belkin designed to automate your home. The WeMo LED bulbs make automating the lights in your home easier than you ever thought possible. The Smart LED Lightbulbs in the WeMo line are easy to install with simple plug and play. The smart bulbs produce 800 lumens (they are an equivalent of 60 watts) and create a 3000 Kelvin glow in the room. These smart bulbs are more like the “traditional” light bulbs that many people are still hanging on to (while they can!)

The WeMo bulbs screw in to light bulb sockets like any other light bulb and they fit in to overhead lighting systems as well as lamps. Once the Smart LED bulbs are screwed in they can be wirelessly controlled through the WeMo Link system which utilizes WiFi. The WeMo system allows for lights using these bulbs to be dimmed, turned on and off and scheduled for activation  all through your smart phone.

The WeMo also allows homeowners to group lighting sets together to control lighting in specific rooms of the home rather than controlling each light individually. The entire WeMo system can be utilized to control 50 bulbs all together.

So how much are homeowners looking to pay to upgrade their home lighting system? Well, that’s where the drawback for most people comes in, the smart bulbs will cost $40 per bulb and the starter WeMo set is $130.

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