LED Lights Light Up An Abandoned Oil Tank In Helsinki

When it comes to offbeat news, this has to be one of the more peculiar stories we have seen in a while but it’s also pretty awesome! This abandoned oil tank in Helsinki is decorated with 1,250 LED lights as part of a public art project.


The oil tank is located in Helsinki in Kruunuvuorenranta, and sits on the edge of the water. The tank is 9,100-square-foot and was decorated as a commission from the World Design Capital program. Designers poked small holes all around the tank and placed small LED lights in each of the holes. The thousands of lights are controlled by a central computer system and also react to weather changes. The lights are programmed to twinkle in red and blue through the night until the final ferry leaves Helsinki at 2am.

The oil tank project is set to be a permanent fixture in the community so if you ever find yourself in Helsinki make sure to check it out!

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