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10 Hairstyles No One Should Have

Round Hairstyle

Have you ever gone looking for a hairstyle and found something that can only be described as completely hideous? Allow us to share with you 10 hairstyles that no one should have...

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10 Really Weird Degree Programs


Upon researching educational degree programs, you may find yourself running in to a degree program or two that leaves you wondering. These 10 really weird degree programs are just like that...

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5 Gadgets We Just Don’t Understand

too many gadgets

Have you ever seen a gadget and wondered what the hell the inventor was thinking when they came up with it? We've seen some pretty weird gadgets in our time and today we want to highlight just a handful of them and snicker...just a little.

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iPhone Umbilical Cord Charger

Our iPhone’s remind us of our own children. They love playing games. They usually abide to our every whim, but occasionally rebel, in which case, much like with our kids, we throw them as hard as we can against the wall and then stomp on them repeatedly. But one thing we can’t provide our iPhone is a proper nutrition. No, ...

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