5 Gadgets We Just Don’t Understand

Have you ever seen a gadget and wondered what the hell the inventor was thinking when they came up with it?

We’ve seen some pretty weird gadgets in our time and today we want to highlight just a handful of them and snicker…just a little.

1. The Remote  Wrangler.

Because really, why would you want to strap your remote controls to your head?

Car Stereo Remote

2. The Car Stereo Remote Control.

Because seriously, you can’t be THAT lazy.

3. Video Game Hand Exerciser.

Because if you’re a gamer, you should probably be exercising much more than your hand.


4. The Cell Mate

Because, aside from sounding like a prison roommate, it looks absolutely ridiculous.

5. The TV Hat

Because looking stupid and being antisocial are two really great qualities when looking for a date.

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