10 Really Weird Degree Programs

Upon researching educational degree programs, you may find yourself running in to a degree program or two that leaves you wondering.

These 10 really weird degree programs are just like that…

1. Puppetry Arts at the University of Connecticut.

2.Ufology at the University of Melbourne.

3. Bowling Industry Management  at Vincennes.

4. Packaging at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Auburn University

5. Poultry Science at Auburn University.

6. Turfgrass Management at Michigan State University

Eastern Oklahoma State College

7. Meat Cutting at Eastern Oklahoma State College.

Indiana University

8. Enigmatology at Indiana University.

9. Comedy Studies at Southampton Solent University.

Harrisburg Area Community College

10. Auctioneering at Harrisburg Area Community College.

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