‘Reverse’ Sunglasses Help You Beat the Winter Blues

Are you one of thousands of people who suffer from depression during the winter? The ‘winter blues’ are an actual documented medical condition, which occurs due to the shorter day length during the winter months. However, it looks like one company has come up with a pretty interesting gadget that could offer a solution.

Startup company SEQINETIC has developed what could only be classified as ‘reverse sunglasses’ to help beat the winter blues. The glasses help combat depression by projecting simulated daylight onto the user. A reflector diffuses 6 powerful LED lights, creating the illusion of sunlight.

However, right now these glasses are still in concept mode. If you want to snag a pair of these glasses, you have to pledge $55 to SEQINETIC. After the company reaches its $8,000 funding goal, these glasses will be selling to the public for $80.


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