Ophone, A Smartphone For Your Nose?

The concept of “Smellovision” has been around for a while but no one has yet to really bring it to life…and we’re actually pretty happy about that. Le Laboratoire has something planned however, that could put the concept in to action.


The Ophone is designed to deliver digital olfactory experiences much as smartphones deliver emails. The Ophone looks like a small lipstick type device that sits on a base that is fitted with a number of chemicals that come together to deliver scents to the user.

The small device connects to a website where users can log on and enter the codes for the scent combination desired. Once the desired combination of scents has been entered it goes to the Ophone servers where it is sent to a smartphone that controls the Ophone device. The OPhone then receives the concoction through bluetooth and using the chemicals in the devices base it creates the desired smell.

While the Ophone concept may not be the exact idea that many of us have when we think about “smellovision” but it holds potential to be a stepping stone in that direction. In fact it presents a concept that is much more advanced than how most of us imagine smellovision in that it doesn’t spray the user with a bothersome mist that is overwhelming. It is possible that through advancement of this line of technology that sending smells can become an integrated part of technology.

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