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Ophone, A Smartphone For Your Nose?


The concept of "Smellovision" has been around for a while but no one has yet to really bring it to life...and we're actually pretty happy about that. Le Laboratoire has something planned however, that could put the concept in to action.

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Future Wars May be Fought with Brain Control

Scientists are considering the implications of using new brain research for defense applications in future military conflicts. Basically, this means that future wars could be fought using sophisticated methods of mind-control.

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FaceTime as Predicted in 1910

A relic from the prophetic Hildebrandt chocolates collection of foreboding predictions for the future, this artist clearly had no idea what he was talking about. For one, those video conversations are clearly taking place over a 3G connection. Secondly… flying cars? Come on, that’s crazy talk. All I can say is that this woman must have said something mighty rude ...

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Futuristic Ferrari Resembles Your Favorite Childhood Toy

In the future, cars will move very, very fast. It’s a damn shame our puny little minds will never develop the reflexes and reaction time to operate them manually. So instead, we’ll just slap high tech computers to the engines that’ll automatically drive the car at intensely high speeds for us. This concept design by Iman Maghsoudi is said to ...

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